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SpiderBB - Basic Idea

Baby phones notify parents when their child is awake. Nowadays, baby phones transmit videos and tunes to the parental terminal over WLan, but only God knows the entire stack and backdoors.

To avoid unnecessary backdoors to our private life, my wife and I agreed on a self-made baby phone to be the only one spying on our child. We first named the project Baby Spy, but from a joke, we developed the better name SpiderBB (pronounced: spaɪ dɑ beɪbɪ).


My objectives are widespread, but I think the three points sum it up pretty well. First of all, I want to get in touch again with Raspberry PI projects. The learning aspect of using new technologies and languages is my second interest. Finally, I will have a baby phone where I know every component. It will not be error-free and 100% safe, but I know the threats and calculate the risk.

What comes next?

The next step develops a basic system design, see post from 30.Nov 2020 SpiderBB - System design. From there, the development starts component-wise.

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